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How to creat and order your Own
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New Design: 
No content limited, Any words / text / image / photo can be printed.
Firstly, offer your artwork of toilet tissue to us, we will setup the printing plate.
AI or PDF format with high pixel. And the text or words must be converted to curve.
There are a few things you need to consider when designing a print for paper kitchen towel. If your design requires a different print layout covering a few perforated squares, then you will need to place an artwork within the safety print area for each square. The number of squares used will become the total length and size of the template; which will be repeated during printing.
For example:
If your artwork requires five squares to be different from each other, the print plate (template) size will stretch over five squares, repeating over and over until the end of the paper kitchen towel roll is reached.
If your design requires an identical artwork to be printed on each square, then you will need to place an artwork within the safety print area for only one square.
The square will become the total length and size of the template and will be repeated during printing.
The more squares used the more likely the design will be un-centered resulting in print errors.
The template provided includes a total of five squares, this number of squares is a safe maximum number and the maximum print plate size.

kitchen towel size
Raw Material and Printing colour: 
100% wood virgin pulp or 100% unbleached bamboo pulp, 18gsm – 19gsm, disposable and flushable directly,
It should be single colour, two colours, or multicolor artwork as following picture. web-fed printing with environmentally friendly water-based ink,
Colorfast even disposable paper kitchen towel wetted and No harm to skin while wiping body.
Heavy metal contents in printing ink on paper kitchen towel surface can pass the SGS test.
kitchen towel
Normal Kitchen Towel Size and Packing: 
(a) 2 layer, 7.9 inch x 7.9 inch each sheet, 100 sheets per roll
(b) 3 layer, 7.9 inch x 7.9 inch each sheet, 100 sheets per roll.
(c) 2 layer, 11 inch x 11 inch each sheet, 100 sheets per roll.
(d) 3 layer, 11 inch x 11 inch each sheet, 100 sheets per roll.
These are the standard size paper kitchen towel. They're very popular, easy to find and are available in many different brands. There will be a slight variance in size from brand to brand but will usually fall within the guidelines listed above.
Package will be finished on your demand. Usually it is normal clear plastic film, and then 50 rolls in one carton.
All paper kitchen towel packaging should be with your brand.   (You can also select colorful paper box, PVC tube box, paper display box or polybag)
kitchen towel

Order Quantity and Lead time :

No special shipping quantity limited. For small quantity such as 50 rolls, 100 rolls, or 500 rolls, we will act as sample order.
New sample time for creating yourself design is about 10-15 days. We will express the samples to you for confirmation before the order produce.
The lead time for bulk tissue product is according to the actual order quantity. 15 days for less than 5000 rolls and 25 days for one 20ft container.

paper towel

Damon Paper Industrial Ltd, established in 2010, is a specialized household paper enterprise, and covers an area of 5,000 square meters,
Main products include custom printed toilet paper, paper napkins, disposable paper tablecloth, gift wrapping paper, flushable paper toilet seat cover.
After years of development and expansion, In order to satisfy the different requirement of the clients to the printed toilet paper, we imported many advanced tissue production equipment, such as the 6c flexography printing machine.In order to ensure all products reach the international requirements, such as SGS or FDA.
All printing and dyeing are finished with the pure natural environmental water-based ink and pigment. And all products must have high-temperature sterilization and disinfects process. we use the high dustless workshop for finished products packaging to block the spread of germs.
we have professional design team,quality management system and sales service department, Not only providing professional product development and design, But also offering the most assured quality and excellent service.

For any more questions, please contact us at any time.
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